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Namaste & Welcome 

Where Light & Love Win... 

Center for Healing Arts is a safe place for Healing and Processing. Healers, Therapist, Yogis, Seekers, Devotees are able to do their most sacred work here. Prashanthi Nilayam provides the serene environment required for deep rejuvination and realization.  


Is Energy Medicine Real ?

What happens during a session? 

Each individual session is "tailored" specifically for the client. A postural assessment or body reading takes place in the begining of the session, and we make a treatment plan. I use  6-7 techniques that I believe work best to achieve desired results.  Sessions can and do enter into quantum healing fields, which transmit intensive energy medicine. This powerful form of healing energy manifests in a number of different forms and originates from divine source materia. 

Bodywork Modalities Offered: Structural Integration

S. I. releases myofascial impingements, and reorganizes the spaces in between structures, such as muscles and bones. Proper spacing is essential in all relationships.  

S. I. Structural Integration (S.I.) is a form of bodywork that focuses on manipulating and reorganizing the connective tissue, or fascia, of the body in order to improve overall alignment and balance. 
The goal of structural integration is to create a more efficient and harmonious relationship between the body's structure and its movement.


Cranio Sacral

Atlas & Axis vertebral realignments, Cerebrospinal fluids should be moving freely. 

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle hands-on technique that uses a light touch to examine membranes and movement of the fluids in and around the central nervous system. Relieving tension in the central nervous system promotes a feeling of well-being by eliminating pain and boosting health and immunityIt is a non-invasive, hands-on therapy that aims to enhance the body’s own healing capabilities. 


Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) 

Trigger points are site specific places in the soft tissue which are not receiving enough blood, it is known as an ischemic point. Ischemic points can cause pain pattern referalls. 

Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is a type of massage therapy that is focused on the treatment of soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Many musculoskeletal problems arise from imbalances in the nervous and muscular systems.
NMT therapists use a variety of techniques to help relieve pain and tension in the muscles, including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release. NMT is often used to treat conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, and sports injuries. 


Medical Massage 

Massage decreases hypertension while increasing relaxation as well as lymphatic and blood circulation.  

Medical massage is a type of massage therapy that is focused on treating specific medical conditions including chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries, neurological disorders, and autoimmune diseases. It may also be used to help manage side effects of cancer treatments. Sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the patient and may involve a variety of techniques, including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and lymphatic drainage. 


Manual Therapy

I try to use only gentle techniques and I never do any fast hard movements without communicating beforehand.  

Spinal manipulation, also called spinal manipulative therapy or manual therapy, is a high-velocity low amplitude thrust technique designed to relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function. It is often used to treat back, neck, shoulder, and headache pain.  


"Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion" Buddha

Medicine Buddha Mantra

Tayata Om, Bekandze Bekandze, Maha Bekandze, Radza Samudgate Soha”“May the many sentient beings who are sick, be freed from sickness soon. And may all the sicknesses of beings never arise again.” .
Bhaisayaguru Is Medicine Buddha
He is venerated in much of Mahayana Buddhism because of his powers of healing, both physical and spiritual. He is said to reign over a pure land called Vaiduryanirbhasa and is associated with the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli.

Contact Us

Send me a message on WhatsApp or Telegram for best response.  Sometimes I'm in a session and can't answer the phone. 

Chittravathi Towers, A-1 Chittravathi Road, Massage Center ground floor, opp. Gangama Temple near river, Puttaparthi 515134 A.P. India


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Courses Offered: Structural Integration for Healers & Lightworkers. 

Learn the Myofascial system of Rolfing, Continued Education for Healers and Therapists. Grow your skills into the master levels of integration and ascention. 

There is a great need for healers and lightworkers on our planet now. Many blessed souls have divine gifts and abilities which require an understanding of how to use and contribute their skills in a creative way.  The Great Spirit will guide you but you must work as though it depends on you.  I invite you to come to Prashanthi Nilayam and step into your new self.  We will work together to facilitate your process.  The time is now. 


Course 1 : The Anatomy of Prana, "Activate the Breath."

Courses run from October to March, contact us for more details, cost, location, duration and other information. My system is very fluid and changes according to what's happening.  

This course is designed to "Free the Breath," and create a sence of lift throughout the body. Hands on expeience, Learn how to create change in breathing patterns and increase the volumeteic capacity of a person's breath.  The course curriculum consists of Anatomy/Kinesiology Practical & Theory. 

Course 2: Feet the First Challenge, Grounding & Low Leg. . 

Introduce the concept of Organization into the soft tissues.   

The feet are the base that supports the body. If the body does not have a base then it will not have stability further up.  We ground the feet and establish functional support for the spine. 


Course 3: Create a 3rd Dimension in the Body, Rebirth

The "Lateral Midline" Expansion of Breath and Sides of the body. 

We take the sideview of the body, and work along the "lateral line" from the greater trochanter of the femur, or thigh bone, to the head of the humerus, or upper arm. The rib cage must be free from the shoulder girdle on top and the pelvis underneath. Move toward proper alignment. 

Course 4: The Pelvic Floor is about Vitality of Life. 

Don't Let Gravity Get You Down. 

As gravity passes through the body the sacrum acts as a pivotal center for the flow of energy in opposite directions. The sacrum is considered to be a sacred bone, as it connects the upper and lower, the above and below, the divine and the human.  


Course 5: "Square the Circle" ; Free the Anterior Spine.

Integrate the Anterior Spine and Visceral spaces.  

"Square the Circle" is philosophy which means to see equally in four directions.  The pelvis is a bowl surrounded on four sides by muscles. Learn how to Integrate the Psoas, and Qaudratus Lumborum with the pelvis.  This is the point where merging of spiritual and physical nature's begin to unfold internally, within the clients field of consciousness. 

Course 6:. Symmetry is a Balancing Act.  

Structure, Function, Integration 

There are several types of symmetry but mainly it means the balance of two or more opposing sides.  In this course symmetry is enhanced and extended above and below the pelvis girdle.  Transmit impulses coming from ground to back.  Create a sence of lightness and space.  Posterior Legs, Pelvis, Spine. 


Course 7: Cranial Work: Head, Face, Neck & Spine.

Pineal Activation, Cerebral Spinal Fluid increase, Atlas, Axis, Hemisync. 

A balanced head and neck should be connected to the shoulder girdle, back and sacrum.  This course is directed toward balancing the neck and head on the spine. Learn to optimize the relationships of the bones and skull and face.

Course 8: Closing Sequence, How to Close a Session. 

Complete the Circle.  

This course offers a unique perspective on how to close a session.  We will learn the osteopathic techniques of pelvic lift, knee tracking, field of gravity techniques and others. 



These classes are intended to be lighthearted and interesting.  They normally go for 90 minutes but may take longer.  Many of the messages offered are encoded and assist in unlocking the tremendous potential within.  Remembering is a wonderful journey.  

Metaphysical Courses in Healing 

Meta-Discourse 1: Energy Systems of the Human Body

DNA upgrades, & Ascention Process

We discuss the main energy systems of the han body. Chakras, Kundalini, Fascia, Nadi, Kosha, Prana.  We look into proprioception and our ability to tell where we are in time and space.  


Meta-Discourse 2: Demonology

As Above so Below, King Solomon Seal.  Barthalamew & Jesus. Angels

An indebth look into the "Anatomy of the Demon." As well as their relationship to Humans & Angels.  This is a fascinating subject in which we dive deep into the underworld and it's inner workings.  


Meta-Discourse 3: Shiva Shakti

History of Shiva Shakti, the story of Love. 

This class offers an in debth review of the text containing the essence of the Rudrayamala-tantra, a Bhairava tantra that is now lost.  In the Vijñāna-bhairava-tantra (VBT), Bhairavi, the goddess (Shakti), asks Bhairava (the terrifying form of Shiva) to reveal the essence of how to realize the true nature of reality. In his answer Bhairava describes 112 ways to enter into the universal and transcendental state of consciousness.


Meta- Discourse 4: Voice Dialogue & Archetypes. 

The Psychology of the Law of Cause & Effect

Embrace Our Selves: This class offers an intense look at the concept of working with our sub personalities.  Embracing Ourselves, connecting the characters within and conducting the entire inner orchestra to work on our behalf.  Learn how Archetypes manifest in our personality.   


Meta- Discourse 5: Channeling & Bridging. 

Nature Entities, Galactics, Ghosts, Stargates, Mind vs. Matter.  How is it all related? 

This class offers a look into Channeling, what is it, how to do it and are there different methods? Is it real, what are inter dimensional beings? Is Galactic Federation a thing?  And many more questions answered in this fascinating discourse.  


Massage Therapy Courses: Healing Arts

3 levels: Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced


Course 1: Introduction to Swedish Relaxation Massage

Learn the Basics of Swedish Massage Therapy & begin your practice. 

Relaxation: In this course we will learn about the benefits of relaxation massage and gain experience working with a hands on appraoch.  Learn how to begin and close a massage.  Massage/essential oils, supplies, health intake, and tables are some of the topics covered. We also learn the classic  Swedish Massage techniques.  Introductory lesson in Anatomy and Kinesiology.  

Course 2: Intermediate, The Art of Swedish Massage 

Learn the Art of Classic Swedish Massage Therapy. 

Deep Tissue: This course is focused on transitioning to deeper levels of pressure.  We learn about Deep Tissue massage and gain experience practicing with others.  Streamline your 30, 60, 90 minute treatments. Contraindications and SOAP chart notes, Postural assessment. 


Course 3: Advanced, Medical Massage

The Health Benefits of Massage are enormous. 

This course offerers an introduction to Medical Massage techniques such as Myo- Fascial Release, as well as Neuromuscular Therapy.  We learn about ischemic points, Fascial adhesions, muscle memory, as well as trigger points. Gain experience working at the deepest levels.  

Course 4: Postural Assessment, SOAP notes

Learn to do Body Readings and chart your notes using medical shorthand and symbols. 

Learn how to do a professional Postural assesment and chart your findings.  Keep a record of your clients session. Medical billing, SOAP notes, ROM, health intake forms.  It's fun stuff...but necessary for proper records etc.


About Seth Davis Center for Healing Arts

"There is no teacher and there is no student, you are your own teacher and your own student, I can mearly walk with you along your journey and share with you my experiences. Let us walk together.". Seth Davis

Get in Touch

Philosophy, The Religion of Love 

"Where there is faith, there is love; where there is love, there is peace; where there is peace, there is truth; where there is truth, there is God; where there is God, there is bliss. " 

Satia Sai Baba

The five human values Sathya, Dharma, Santi, Prema and Ahimsa are not independent of each other. They closely follow one another. These five qualities are the gift of God to a human being. We as human beings have to manifest these five human values by putting them into practice.


Seth Davis Center for Healing Arts Mission

Om Sri Sai Ram

Revealing the purpose of His Advent, Sai Baba has said that He has come to re-establish the rhythm of righteousness in the world and repair the ancient highway to God, which over the years has systematically deteriorated. In His own words, “This Sai has come in order to achieve the supreme task of uniting the entire mankind as one family through the bond of brotherhood, of affirming and illuminating the Atmic Reality (Atma – The Self) of each being, to reveal the Divine which is the basis on which the entire cosmos rests, and of instructing all to recognise the common Divine Heritage that binds man to man, so that man can rid himself of the animal and rise up to the Divine, which is the goal.”


The Healing Lingam: Hiranyagarbhaaya Lingam

It is a great blessing for anyone to receive this photo and that [the photo] should be kept in every home. His energy will work miracles through it

"Embodiments of Love

Every man is a combination of materialisation, vibration and radiation. The human body with all its limbs and muscles is known as 'materialisation'. The life-force (Prana Shakti) is known as vibration. These two are coordinated by the Atmic power known as radiation. All the divine powers are latent in man. But man is not directing his attention on them. He identifies himself with the body, but in reality he is not the body."




It is a manifestation of the Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva (God as Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer). It is also the Atmic consciousness (Holy Spirit)--like a thread running through a pearl necklace. It is also the spiritual heart.

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